Everyone dreams.
Dreams and wishes drive our lives. Yet not all of us fulfil those dreams. Don’t let life’s snags get in the way of you and a better self. Get organized. Set goals. Stay in charge. You can do everything you set your mind to.

A better camera. A fixed-wheel bike. A conference or a workshop. A life changing travel. The things you have and everything you want are part of you.

Qarrots. Dreams come True.


Personal Project
UX/UI and Branding
2015, Lisbon.

Vista da app Hero

Qarrots was created as a final exercise in the UX specialization course I attended back in 2015.
The idea was to create an app experience for a generation that felt that they are missing out on life. That brands and social media control how and when they spend their money. It was a way to give control back over their lives.

Because it was a short fast paced exercise, proto-personas and assumptions were used in a lean UX approach. For testing and presentation, I did paper prototyping and wireframe sketching.

Later that year I would find time to develop the visuals and improve the screen layouts that I present here.

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